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Atlas Workforce Management provides a variety of consulting services involving retail process improvement, workforce management and site development.

What We Deliver

Operational improvement
     Workforce optimization and process improvement
Pre-investment due diligence
Real estate modeling
     Existing site analysis
     Site development modeling and proformas
     Potential site research and modeling
Tailored solutions
     Drive profits and customer satisfaction, reduce costs
Over 40 years of combined experience in the retail industry

Client Segments

  • Fortune 500
  • Mid-Cap Companies
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Investors
  • Emerging Retailers

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Retail Strategies Utilizing Improved Forecasting


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Web-Hosted Electronic Labor Scheduling

The Atlas Workforce Management Web is here!

The Atlas Workforce Management Web provides a hosted solution for effectively scheduling and managing your workforce. This web-based system provides multiple location management, multi-level management hierarchy support, workload control, electronic scheduling, labor reporting, messaging and individual employee access. Atlas Workforce Management Web will provide:

Increased sales and customer service
     1% to 3% increase in sales*
Reduced costs
     Manage payroll more effectively
     Control overtime
     Reduce "wasted" labor
     3% to 5% reduction in labor costs*
Increased productivity
     Manage downtime
Improved employee satisfaction
     Employee visibility to scheduling
     Systematic time-off requests
     Ensure adherence to work policies
Ease of use
     On-line help
     On-line messaging to all employees

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Workforce management solutions will improve sales and customer service, reduce costs, increase morale and provide a fast ROI.

  • Minimizes variances to desired workload to improve customer service and reduce down-time.
  • Reduces the amount of time a manager spends each week hand-writing a schedule.
  • Provides better visibility to store employees to scheduling, including messaging and time-off requests.
  • Improves moral by ensuring employees are scheduled within their rules and availability.

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